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As the decision maker for the benefits package at your company, you play an important role in both the growth of your business and the future of your employees. We have put this toolkit together to give you quick access to the information and tools that you need to make the best decisions for your company.  Here is your 401(k) Plan Management Toolkit. Below you can download the entire toolkit or select the tools individually to save  to your computer. You can also bookmark this link to refer back to or share with colleagues.


Interactive 401(k) Fee Projection Calculator

Uncovering and understanding plan fees has always been one of the more strenuous parts of plan management until now. This easy to use calculator that will allow you to boil down all the fees of your plan to the only number that matters, the bottom line.

Plan Compliance Checklist

An annual review of how you are operating your retirement plan can prove beneficial in avoiding the 12 most common retirement plan mistakes found by a Department of Labor audit.

2022 401(k) Compliance Calendar

A calendar of all the relevant dates and deadlines you need to be aware of as a decision maker for your companies retirement plan. 

5 Common 401(k) Mistakes Made By Employers

Mistakes in administering a 401(k) plan can causes headaches at best, but fines and penalties if these problems are not rectified and ever catch up to you in an audit. Here are 5 common mistakes we see employers make and how to avoid them.

5 Common 401(k) Mistakes Made By Employees

If you are currently saving for retirement in a 401k, you already have taken a step in the right direction. While you may rest at ease thinking you are one of the fortunate ones able to save for retirement, it is important to realize that just participating may not be enough. Here are common mistakes we see employees make and how to help your employees avoid them.

Independent Plan Benchmark Report

We are still offering a one-time Independent Benchmarking Report to show you how your fees, investments, service providers, and overall plan health stack up against other companies similar to yours.

For us to generate your benchmark report we just need a few more pieces of information. You can either navigate to our pre-built fill-out form here or email us the information seen below. Once you have emailed the necessary information or filled out the form, we will deliver your Independent Benchmark Report back to you in less than 48 business hours.

  • Company Name:
  • Estimated Number of Employees:
  • Plan Assets:
  • Upload Current Investment Lineup:
  • Upload Fee Disclosure (408b2):

(Upload your fee disclosure form called (408b2) in order for us to uncover your fees. You should be able to locate a copy of this where you manage your 401(k) on your provider’s website. If you can’t find it, give us a call at (435) 753-3888 and we can help you.

If you ever have questions our friendly advisor team is just a conversation away.

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