How We Are Different

Services We Offer Which are Truly Unique in the 401(k) Marketplace

We partner with one of the nation’s only discretionary trustees who accept full fiduciary responsibility (and therefore liability) in your stead.  This liability extends to both custody AND investment management—virtually no other provider accepts liability for investment management in place of the plan sponsor.

“Save More Tomorrow” (SMarT Savings) plan — If your employees do not save enough, the strengths of your plan will not matter.  Few providers (if any) offer a solution to this tough problem.  The powerful prescription we offer is the “SMarT” Savings plan.  When implemented, your average employee saving rate will increase 2-3% per year.

Progressive Savings Graph

Investment Advice vs. Education — After more than twenty years, the entire 401(k) industry knows something important about employee investment education – it rarely works.  In the spirit of seeking a “positive outcome for every single employee”, we cross the threshold other providers won’t and offer specific and explicit investment advice to your employees, and accept full liability for that advice.

Superior Investment Management— We follow the golden rule of portfolio management. Namely, we invest your Plan’s money with the same care that we invest our own personal money. We guarantee that all mutual funds added to your Plan’s menu will be ranked in the top quartile relative to the universe of their peers.  Your Plan’s funds will be monitored quarterly and replaced quarterly when required by pre-set criteria.

Product Agnostic means that we get to sit on the same side of the table as you. As your partner, we provide advisory services in a transparent, unbiased format; a condition we view as the appropriate starting point for you as a Plan fiduciary.

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